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Fine Art Copy

Oils - Acrylics - Watercolor - Illustrations - Historical

High resolution imaging for the fine art community. Serving professional and amateur artists, designers, illustrators, architects, galleries, and collectors. Providing faithful digital and film reproductions that are print and web ready. Precise laser/mirror collimation is used to align the camera back to the copy board to ensure a distortion free, accurate capture. Controlled studio lighting provides even, color balanced illumination and specular highlight control.
Service is also available for larger pieces, murals, other installations, and 3D artwork (special handling and/or travel charges will apply.

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Other Services


Flat Art & Films up to 8x10
High resolution, color corrected scans up to 6400dpi. Scans of both flat art and film can be scaled to best suit the final output size. All scans are color and contrast corrected and cleaned/spotted to ensure high quality, accurate reproduction.
RAW scans are available for clients able to provide their own post processing.

Digital Imaging

File prep - Masking - Clipping paths - Retouching - CMYK prep - Color & density adjustments - RAW processing - Proofing - File format conversions - Renaming - CD/DVD duplicates - FTP delivery
Connoisseurs of Milan' - Oil on Canvas
Copyright 2011 Keith Rocco
Connoisseurs of Milan
Brook Trout

'Brook Trout' - Acrylic on canvas
Copyright 2009 J. Clinedinst