Woodstock, Va


FTP Info

Job files can be transmitted via FTP.   It is advised to .zip or .rar very large files to speed up the transfer.
password: call or email for password

Recommended FTP software - Free and easy to use
FileZilla FTP
Featured Local Artists
Keith Rocco
Keith Rocco   To begin listing Keith's accomplishments over the years would warrant a new website. Prolific and reknown may be understatements. His work brings art and history together with a depth and realism that allows a present day glimpse into lives and locations that flow from his brushes.
Lisa Kosloski
Lisa Kosloski   Lisa is a young painter whose work is full of vibrant color and shadows that capture the essence of her subjects. Specializing in portraits, Lisa currently resides in Mount Jackson, Virginia. A new website of her work is progress.